Welcome to a brand new smallholders site.


The aim of this site is to connect all those in Scotland (and beyond) who are involved in keeping livestock on a small scale, and to encourage others to also try their hand at self sufficiency.  We hope to introduce more people to the world of home grown vegetables, and the fun (and hard work!) of keeping poultry, pigs, sheep and cattle.


At some point we will be adding a links page with useful and interesting websites to visit, plus a page where you can advertise non-commercial for sale and wanted adverts.  A forum is already set up and is the perfect place for people to swap ideas, glean advice and share experiences on animal husbandry, home grown veg and meat (no doubt organics will be touched on at some point), and keeping the land in good heart. 


We would like to pool knowledge and contacts from smallholders all over the country, and help each other to find information about producing food and finding a market for it.  Just because working the land is an old fashioned way of life, it doesn't mean we shouldn't make use of modern technology, such as the wonderful interweb, to help us keep in touch. 

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Aside from this virtual meeting place, we would like to form a physical group, possibly in the Turriff (Aberdeenshire) area.  Please contact us if you are interested in coming along or forming a group in your area.


 Email us with comments or questions.


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